saturday   June 8     2019                                 


                 until   08:45 Uhr     arrival of the guests (latecommer)

                            09:00 Uhr     Briefing daytrip to LOGL Lanzen and  Kaiserau

                                                  seperation to groups with maximum 5 aircrafs , weatherinformation

                                                  detailed presentation of the planned flights and running day  

                                                  Explanation of the Geiger Cup


                   Ab    10:15 Uhr     staggered departure of the groups to LOGM Lanzen

                                                  there will be the      1st  Spotlanding Coupe Geiger


                                                           there will be only one landing !                                                  

                                                  afterwards continuing formationflight

                                                            to temporary airstrip Kaiserau

                                                                        2nd  Spotlanding Coupe Geiger


                                                  for those pilots,who refuse to land at Kasierau, they can land at

                                                  Trieben LOGI (only 3NM distance)

                                                  there will be a busshuttle to Kaiserau 




                    12:30 Uhr      Picknick at Kaiserau



                   Ab   16:00 Uhr      staggered flight back to LOGM

                           17:30 Uhr      only for members of the  Executive Committee EMP                                                         

                                                  metting  in the small conference room of the townhall Mariazell

                                                   election of the new Executive Commitee


                           20:00 Uhr      openingfestival  "Dance of Nationes"


                                                  at Hotel „Weisser Hirsch“ in the center of Mariazell


                                                            local enhanced dinner 

                                                           styrian evening with typical music and rural dance and waltz

                                                           Music: Hellbrunner Geigenmusi 




                                                             this evening will be visited too by local inhabitants   


                         final  0:00 Uhr         there after further inspiring discussions at the hotelbar